Starting in 2010 from a basement office, A Plus Coding Consultants has evolved into a successful team of financial consultants in the healthcare industry. From those humble beginnings, we have never forgotten the value and effectiveness of personal service. As a result, we have gained a reputation as the responsive and agile go-to consultancy service for both small and large practices, who suddenly realize they are not receiving the maximum reimbursement possible. This key bottom-line issue is what most hospitals are concerned with today.

The question is, what has changed? Most practices have a small hemorrhage of which many practices are not aware. Small hemorrhages left unrepaired, continue to grow until loss over time becomes a major impacts on the organization’s bottom-line. The each practice must ask is:

    1. Where are we financially
    2. Where do we want our practice to be at this time next year
    3. Are we receiving the maximum amount of the reimbursement per contract
    4. When is the last time our contracts were reviewed
    5. Do we have long patient wait times
    6. Are our patients happy with our service?

These are just a few things that A Plus Coding Consultants will review for our clients. One way to change our client’s financial health is to change the patient experience. Below is a list of services that we audit in order to give our clients a complete health exam, including a detailed written report:

    • Practice Analysis
      • Includes Base Audit
      • A/R with 5 top carriers
      • Payments/Charge-offs. Paper payments or electronic
      • Collections/self-pays
      • Provider Schedule
      • Paper claims/electronic

    • Front-of-House Operations
      • Appointments- Patient wait times
      • No show/No show charges
      • Provider/staff schedule-process
      • Insurance verification
      • Deposit
      • End of day process

    • Back–of-House Process
      • Charge entry
      • Lag days
      • Daily procedure process for transfer of information
      • Record Review
      • Education
      • Q/A Audit of your coders and of your Auditors CDI staff ancillary staff.
      • Accounts Receivable
      • How many days in A/R
      • Highest Amount in A/R

    • Credentialing and Credentialing Maintenance
      • If the client is not credentialed, the may not be receiving the maximum payment possible
      • The client may be credential with a Carrier but the client referral is from a provider who is not in network, meaning the client may not be receiving any reimbursements.
      • Credentialing process is very time-consuming. A Plus removed that burden from the client: We take the time to collect all the paperwork up front to first denials.